The Grooming Shed offers a relaxed atmosphere, and caters to all your dogs needs. Your pet will be treated as one of our own and receive the care and attention your pet deserves.

While your pet is at the grooming shed they will have the time to rest, stretch their legs in the garden and have a drink of water, so their experience with us is enjoyable.

Dog Grooming Services in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

Client Testimonials...

  • Yvette4
    Brilliant. We have a special needs dog and Gemma gives him special care as he is blind and gives him regular breaks in order to avoid his stress. Our other dog is getting older and Gemma is exceptionally patient with her, I would highly recommend her as she is very caring and not only cares about the needs of the owner but also the needs of the dog.
    I cannot recommend Gemma highly enough. Our dog (a miniature schnauzer) has been to other groomers in the area but no one has given Eric a better cut. Gemma is friendly and always try's to accommodate appointment times to suit the customer. Wouldn't go else where now, The Grooming Shed is the most competitive price wise too ! Highly Recommended :)
  • Richard Kuzniar
    Found the grooming shed by luck,looked at the testimonials and took a chance. Really pleased we did our little old bones came home smelling wonderful ,soft and fluffy and her her nails clipped. Will defently be going back. A big thank you to Gemma
    Richard Kuzniar
  • Karen Ellinas
    I was very lucky to have found Gemma through an internet search. As with all things on the net, you never know exactly what you are going to get, but this time I was very lucky. I take my Yorkshire Terrier, Scruffy, to Gemma for his grooming session. Scruffy is called Scruffy for a reason! Gemma does a great job with him, and he always comes out looking happy and relaxed, with his tail wagging so much that his bottom almost lifts off the floor. My only trouble is, he doesn't look much like a Scruffy when he comes out. :-)
    Karen Ellinas
  • Karen Sturmey
    I found Gemma through a friend. Gemma is so lovely and caring with my Buddy, he looks aamazing when I pick him up, he is so happy and I would highly recommend Gemma, she is a lovely lady and I would never go anywhere else now that I have found her. Buddy smells lovely and he obviously loves going, so I highly recommend The Grooming Shed to everyone. If you want you dog to treated like you treat him/her then don't hesitate to call Gemma.
    Karen Sturmey
  • Vicky Coffee
    Barney loved it & he looks great. Thanks Gemma.
    Vicky Coffee
  • Julie C Firth
    Fantastic friendly professional service - Highly recommend . Cookie loves it there !
    Julie C Firth
  • Elaine Murphy
    Bailey my Yorkie loves it here. Gemma is such a kind gentle groomer who loves animals. I would recommend The Grooming Shed to all for a brilliant Groom.
    Elaine Murphy
  • Nathalie Adlington Hope
    Gemma such a lovely girl, Maximus my pom loves going to her always happy drags me to her door:))
    Nathalie Adlington Hope
  • Helen Honour Bates
    Excellent, very happy with my girls haircut ~ just as I asked.. Would definitely recommend her xx
    Helen Honour Bates
  • Esther Roberts
    Abby has come back looking gorgeous! Thanks Gemma, booked for return visit!!
    Esther Roberts
  • Mary Belton-Dettmar
    Excellent - Gemma is fab and my doggies always look and smell fab when I pick them up - great value for money too xxx
    Mary Belton-Dettmar
  • Louise Ling
    My Labrador Retriever has just had a fantastic cut. Ralph has had a No1 for the summer and he looks brilliant. I cannot thank Gemma enough for being so caring towards my dog who will be 11 at the end of this month, with a few medical conditions, although Ralph now looks very much like his 5 again....
    Louise Ling
  • Sharon Hewitt
    Buddy my cockerpoo visited gemma he had a great time,beautifully groomed. When I picked him up he was happily playing with gems cockerpoo
    Sharon Hewitt
  • Summer Izzy xox
    Gemma is lovely and has been doing max my pomerianian for about a year or so,he is always happy going and happy when I pick him up and she does an amazing job
    Summer Izzy xox
  • Julie Hindes
    My dogs came out looking lovly and very happy,will diff use gemma again,very brave lady she had all my four dogs in one go.
    Julie Hindes
  • Sara Stoner
    My dog comes back looking and smelling lovely each time he visits. Gemma is very friendly and helpful and does an excellent job. It's clear she loves the dogs and they love her. My dog always returns really happy.
    Sara Stoner
  • FaZe Aqua
    my dog rolo is quite a nervous dog when it comes to things like grooming due to bad experience but Gemma put him at ease with in minutes. Absolutely lovely cut came out smelling gorgeous Would definitely recommend
    FaZe Aqua
  • Stephen Gritton
    Gemma is passionate about making dogs look their best. She loves her job and is totally dedicated to it. I would recommend her in an instant.
    Stephen Gritton
November 6, 2017
The Grooming Shed, Dog Grooming in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Lead VS Harness

As a dog owner I have purchased many leads and harnesses over the years for my pooches, I think it is important for you to find a lead or a harness that suits both your dog and you as this will ensure a happy relationship between your dog and its walks.
November 6, 2017

Dog Friendly Parks in Cheshunt

On my routinely morning walk at Cedars Park, I was thinking about how many great parks there are in Cheshunt which you can take your pooch to.
February 3, 2017
Gemma Casey, The Grooming Shed, Dog Grooming in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Partners In Crime

I have recently welcomed my gorgeous new cockapoo puppy Kipper in to my life, he is 4 months old now and has such character. There is never a dull moment, Kipper and Penny (my mums 12 month old cockapoo) are partners in crime.
February 3, 2017
Grooming Maintenance The Grooming Shed, Dog Grooming in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Dog Grooming Maintenance

It is every groomers dream to have the perfect dog come in for their groom; a dog that leaps in the gate so excitedly, a dog that stands ever so still for you on the table, and leaves so happy and content with their new fur-do.
February 3, 2017

Fleas and Ticks

It is vital to keep up to date with flea, tick and worming treatment all year round even in the winter months to ensure you have a happy and healthy canine companion and a stress free home.

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